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Research & Development

  • Prints on curved, 3 dimensional, rough and uneven surface

    Enhanced aesthetics, tiles are no longerjust a well covering but a true design element.

  • 100% uniform printing from edge-to-edge

    No white spaces around tiles and no smudging or variations from center to edge.

  • Ultra-fine resolution capturing every details of an image or design

    Photo-quality images capturing the %uFB01nest details of a design or image on a tile.

  • Wide range of colours and shades

    No limitation on the number of colours on a tile.

  • Customization

    Designs and images can be tailor made as per customer requirement or taste.

  • Consistency

    No variations in tonality between batches.

  • Accuracy of printing

    Sharp and precise registration of design ensures there is no shifting of printing that can impair the visual appearance of the tile.

  • Random printing

    Instead of monotonous repetitive tiles, each tile can be made to look different from the other for more natural look.


  • Ordinary Screen Print- 60 dpi

  • Rotary Print- 120 dpi

  • Digital Screen Print- 300 dpi